Soggy Knees!

Today i finally had a chance to fix the fuel filter and get Archie running again, although i did get soggy knees in the process!

It was a simple job to complete, just had to strip the old filter and hoses and replace them with new. The job had one set back, i brought the wrong size hose. So once i had it all connected, i started him up and was relieved to hear the beautiful sound of his engine running, A RESULT!! Atleast thats what i thought, until i went back round to the engine compartment and saw petrol dripping out the hose connection on the fuel pump. This meant i then had to go back to the shop to get some new hose, which was a problem due to the snow and the fact i had a non fuel leaking car. So my dad offered to go and get some hose for me, when he got back i installed the new hose and had no problem.

Now i have a fully running, non fuel leaking car!



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