Well, i jacked Archie up yesterday and removed the wheel so i could get into the inside of the wing. I then bent the dent out slightly and to the point where it was no longer rubbing against the wheel so Archie is back up and running. 

I now have to make the decision on how to repair him, being a poor student who makes £35 ($55) a week and spends £20 ($31) of that on petrol, the cost of the repair is out of my league. I have 3 options:

Option 1) Pay a body shop to beat out the dent and paint the wing back to how it looked prior to the accident for £150 ($238).

Option 2) Buy a used fender for £50 ($79) and pay a friend who is a body guy £110 ($174) to paint it and then i will fit it.

Option 3) Buy a used fender for £50 ($79) and then paint it myself, which i have no experience of doing.

Im swaying towards option 1, but still not 100%.

Anyway, here are some picture of the wing after i beat it out


2 thoughts on “Driveable

  1. Hey Robbie,
    I just had to decide what I should do with my burnt down generator. I finally spent hundreds of Dollars for a new alternator.
    I think I would choose option 1, even though it is the most expensive one, but Archie deserves it, I would say. Option 2 is great too, as far as you are certain that there is no rust underneath the fenders, becaus otherwise you’ll have a big issue regarding loosening the bolts. I know it is hard to decide, whatever you’ll do, it will be fine.
    Air-cooled regards, Domi

    • I think i am going to go with option 1 as well, in the long run it seems to be the best option. I just need to save up the money now! Sounds like you have much bigger problems with Herbie, i hope he gets up and running soon!

      Robbie and Archie

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