Been A While

Its been a while since i posted anything, but im hoping to get this back up and running. A lot has happened in the time i havent been posted, and im sure a lot more will happen in the future.

Stay Tuned for some posts soon, promise!


Archie isn’t feeling very well

Well i went to go for a drive on sunday and the steering gave way and now there is a grinding sound when i turn the wheel! I thought that maybe it was the coupler under the fuel tank so me and my girlfriend jacked the car up and removed the tank, only to find the coupler was fine!

I can not work out what the problem is and i have been ill for the last couple of days so cant work on the car. The next thing i am going to check it the splines on the steering box, so i will need to remove the fuel tank again……

Anyway, here are some pictures of the tank removal.


The tickets arrived for the volksworld show today, i cant wait to get there!

The blog has been quiet recently as i have no money to do any of the work i need to do, although i have just sold some parts so once the money for them has cleared i will be able to buy my carb rebuild kit and get Archie running again 🙂


Well, i jacked Archie up yesterday and removed the wheel so i could get into the inside of the wing. I then bent the dent out slightly and to the point where it was no longer rubbing against the wheel so Archie is back up and running. 

I now have to make the decision on how to repair him, being a poor student who makes £35 ($55) a week and spends £20 ($31) of that on petrol, the cost of the repair is out of my league. I have 3 options:

Option 1) Pay a body shop to beat out the dent and paint the wing back to how it looked prior to the accident for £150 ($238).

Option 2) Buy a used fender for £50 ($79) and pay a friend who is a body guy £110 ($174) to paint it and then i will fit it.

Option 3) Buy a used fender for £50 ($79) and then paint it myself, which i have no experience of doing.

Im swaying towards option 1, but still not 100%.

Anyway, here are some picture of the wing after i beat it out

A lampost Hurt Archie!

Today Archie had a small accident 😦 I was in a car park and was reversing out of the space and as i started to swing out to get onto the road i smashed into a lampost and dented Archie’s left front fender. I feel like a complete idiot and am very embarrassed, i just didn’t see it in time.

I will be doing the work myself as i went to the body guy and he wanted £150 for the work which is far to much for me and money i dont physically own. So i am going to do the best i can. Tomorrow i have planned to take the wheel off so i can get into the fender and try and hammer the dent out as it is currently rubbing against the wheel and has left small cuts already.

Keep an eye out for the update of the work tomorrow, i will get pictures like always.

Regards, Robbie and Archie.