A lampost Hurt Archie!

Today Archie had a small accident ūüė¶ I was in a car park and was reversing out of the space and as i started to swing out to get onto the road i smashed into a lampost and dented¬†Archie’s¬†left front fender. I feel like a complete idiot and am very¬†embarrassed, i just¬†didn’t¬†see it in time.

I will be doing the work myself as i went to the body guy and he wanted £150 for the work which is far to much for me and money i dont physically own. So i am going to do the best i can. Tomorrow i have planned to take the wheel off so i can get into the fender and try and hammer the dent out as it is currently rubbing against the wheel and has left small cuts already.

Keep an eye out for the update of the work tomorrow, i will get pictures like always.

Regards, Robbie and Archie.


A few things

Sorry i havent make a post in a few days, i have been busy trying to get Archie working. I have a flat spot so am in the process of buying a carb rebuild kit and some carb cleaner, funds are a bit low at the minute but hopefully by the weekend i will have the kit and can get to work rebuilding so keep an eye out for that post, i plan on fully documenting the job and maybe even videoing the whole process.

Anyway, today i had the urge to do something to Archie. I decided i would do a little sound deadening with some computer sound proffing a friend of mine gave to me. I know it wont do a good job but its just a temporary solution until i can make some proper funds and get the real stuff. While i was sorting out the deadening i found a wire has come out of my right hand side speaker, i thought the music had been a bit weird lately. So i ended up having to rewiring the speaker unit and install the boxes back in the car.

As always, here are some pictures of what happened ūüôā

Fuel Pump Filter

Well as i had nothing to do now i had found out Archie has a electronic ignition, i decided i would check and clean the fuel pump filter.

This was a very simple job and only took a few minutes, the only problem i had was getting to the brass bolt because the belt was in the way.

I Feel Stupid!

I went to change the points and freshen up the carb this afternoon as i finished college earlier than usual. Went and got the points from the store and was looking forward to working on Archie, even if it was only a small thing that needed doing.

Anyway, after i removed the rotor arm and the plastic cover that covers the inside of the distributor, a place i have never looked before, i found i had an electronic ignition installed. So no need for them points i brought.

Soggy Knees!

Today i finally had a chance to fix the fuel filter and get Archie running again, although i did get soggy knees in the process!

It was a simple job to complete, just had to strip the old filter and hoses and replace them with new. The job had one set back, i brought the wrong size hose. So once i had it all connected, i started him up and was relieved to hear the beautiful sound of his engine running, A RESULT!! Atleast thats what i thought, until i went back round to the engine compartment and saw petrol dripping out the hose connection on the fuel pump. This meant i then had to go back to the shop to get some new hose, which was a problem due to the snow and the fact i had a non fuel leaking car. So my dad offered to go and get some hose for me, when he got back i installed the new hose and had no problem.

Now i have a fully running, non fuel leaking car!



Well today i planned on getting Archie up and running again. He has a fuel filter problem at the moment that is stopping him from starting, simple job to fix, just needs new fuel filter and hoses. The problem is, today we were hit with snow. The snow has stopped me fixing Archie so he is currently sitting under a sheet of snow not running.

Its times like this i wish i had a garage.


Welcome to Archie the bugs blog!

This is Archie the bugs Blog, this is where everything i do to Archie will be posted and where i will keep you up to date on where he is and what adventures he has been getting up to.

The blog has started a little late in Archie’s life with me (Not his real life, that started a long time ago,¬†38 years, 8 months, 10 days to be exact) He has been mine since the 2nd of November 2011 and i have loved every minute of it, even the times he refused to work or needed money spent on him.

Well thats it for now, but dont worry, it wont be too long until im back with more from Archie and what hes been up to.

Thanks for your time, Robbie and Archie

P.S. Here are all the photos i have taken since owning Archie, they include days out and work being carried out on him. Hope you enjoy.

Photo Gallery